Circus Carnival Party for Twins

by The Make It Mine Party Line on August 21, 2012

For her twin goddaughters’ fifth birthday, Patti (the Chief Party Officer at Make It Mine Parties) and their mother, Jennifer, “surprised” them with a Circus-Carnival themed party.  Actually it was impossible to keep the party a secret from Alex and Avery.  That pair of little pixies sussed out the plan before Patti had a chance to fully organize the plan.

This wasn’t the first time Patti had organized a circus-carnival party, though.  Some years before she and her husband had put together a party with that theme for a pair of nieces making their first trip to the US from the UK.  Back then all of the games were very much homemade. This time, however, Patti opted to get a little help from a balloon artist, a face painter, and some games ordered from Amazon, although there were still plenty of homemade elements to the party, including the Photo Booth, the ring toss, and the stand used for the General Store that had been designed by Patti’s husband for Make It Mine Parties promotional events.

 The Party Plan

To 50 guests included 24 children and to give them plenty of space to run around, Patti set up the carnival games in her front yard and the party tables as well as the little general store in her back garden. Guests entered the party by passing under a rainbow of balloons and were greeted by the face painter and balloon artist as well as an array of games the kids could play to win tickets.

Before the carnival games were “officially” opened, Patti fortified her guests with hot dogs and hamburgers.  Afterwards while the kids had a blast playing the different games, getting their faces painted, and hamming it up in the Photo Booth,  a circus tent cake and clown cupcakes traded places with the BBQ party food.  Once the kids were done with the games and cake, they could cash in their tickets at the general store.  The day ended with a bang – the bang of a stick to not one, not two, but three piñatas.

On the day of the party, the weather was perfect, the kids went bonkers over the balloons and  games and treats, and the twins wore themselves out having a good time in their tutus.  What more could you ask from a birthday party?

This party was featured on Pizzazzerie last July (2011). For even more photos check out the pics below, but if that’s not enough there’s more still via Flickr.

Details, Details:

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